Breeze liner notes (from Bandcamp): I was friends with Philip and Flora separately before they became linked in each other’s orbit. I remember spending an all-night session at Bruce Tull’s, where Philip was amongst a crew of us that didn’t stop drinking until after the sun rose. I had worked with Flora as our day jobs intersected and remember watching her play solo at the old Kendall Cafe, when she didn’t realize I was standing with Josh Ritter as she broke into a version of his “Come and Find Me” that got a tear flowing from his eye.

     I drove to Northampton for some show and made dinner plans to meet up and hang out beforehand. Somehow I wound up as the third wheel on their first date. Weeks later, I walked in to see them sitting around a guitar sharing songs for the first time, and it was evident that the connection between the two of them was something significant. Now they’ve been married for a dozen years and have a kid who just passed the 20-month milestone.
     Philip had come in and done a solo set for his last record during WMBR’s pledge drive last fall, so it was an easy ask to see if they’d be game for a Pipeline! @ Home contribution. When they picked Devo for the cover tune, I was all the more intrigued and the downer-folk approach they took seems like the soundtrack that might have been rolling around Mark Mothersbaugh’s head as he was lost in the delirium of his Covid experience.

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