Wendy Eisenberg

Breeze liner notes (from Bandcamp): It was a sudden moment in Boston when Wendy began to appear everywhere, from basement punk shows to programs of experimental music. The first visit to Pipeline! was with a garage rock ensemble called the Cavemen who had been seemingly taken over by Wendy’s band Birthing Hips. Loud and blustery, the guitar histrionics were amplified and at the front of the rest of the chaos.

     The new record Auto is an ode to a life lived driving from teaching to gigs to home and everywhere in between. Last time Wendy visited, we were added as an extra waypoint on another trek and were treated to some amazing guitar explorations. This album refines all of those ideas into a stunning collection of intricate art songs.
     While it isn’t easy to track Wendy’s path on the record as it makes obtuse turns that are rarely short cuts and more often explorations of new directions, it’s a great album to ride with and let it take you where it wants to go; just don’t try to be a backseat driver. Played here solo in its entirety, Auto is the next step in Wendy’s evolution as a writer and performer, and it is great to learn that even a pandemic can’t extinguish the creative fire.

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