The Grownup Noise

We were so lucky, as soon as The Grownup Noise gained a little momentum and started playing a lot of shows, Jeff was aware of us and asked us to play live in the studio. Actually, I think we might have first become aware of him, after we started playing a weekly music & comedy night with the Walsh Bros. at the Thirsty Ear, which was right on the MIT campus. Some really fun and random nights. Maybe 2005-ish. Anyway, Jeff was quick to notice a particular song that we recorded on our second album. We didn’t think that much of the song and always wanted to play whatever “hit-like” song we had at the moment. But Jeff would always request “Anthem for Second place.” Over the years, we’ve all come to love it as one of our best. We even played it the last time we did a Pipeline! session just a few months ago. Jeff’s passion and insight will be sorely missed throughout the entire Boston music community.

appearances: June 28, 2011; Nov. 4, 2014; and Sept. 15, 2020

Breeze liner notes (from Bandcamp): The Grownup Noise is a tough name to live up to, and 15 years on it seems like it fits Paul’s songs more than ever. They were a band that appeared and fit right into the sound of this city immediately.
     I can’t even recall the first time I met Adam and Paul, but they just seemed to fit right in like old friends of the show from that first visit back in 2011. The chaos of the world brings the two of them back together again and we get a peek into what that is here. It’s 2 guys trying to fill the sound world of a whole band live, and a real treat at that.
     For this set Paul Hansen is on vox, guitar, and synths and Adam Sankowski handles bass, synth bass, drums, and vox. Without the visuals, it’s easy to guess that they had undergone some vaccine treatment whose side effects turned them into octopi… it seems like there are more than four hands at work.

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