Thalia Zedek

I went back and reread some of the emails that me and Jeff exchanged about doing the show. It was a record release party for my third solo LP, and the first one that was referred to as “Thalia Zedek Band.” The album was called “Liars and Prayers” and it came out on Thrill Jockey the day of the show.
I wanted to do a “record release” show, but I hadn’t started looking around far enough in advance, so all the clubs were already booked. We had already been booked to play Pipeline! on the actual release date (a Tuesday), so I asked Jeff if we could make it a party, and invite friends, have cake, etc. Jeff was very supportive of the idea, being the awesome guy that we know and love. We were allowed to invite friends and I brought pizza and beer from Emma’s, the restaurant where I worked and which was down the street in Cambridge.

I got to know Jeff better more recently, when we both worked at the meal delivery CSA at the late Cuisine en Locale. I was cooking there and Jeff would come in on Monday nights, (the deliveries went out on Tuesday) to help with packing up the orders. I would usually be exhausted and stressed after working all weekend prepping and cooking, and always loved when he showed up, always super relaxed and kind and really fun to talk to.
We would talk a lot about music, our lives, our jobs etc. Jeff was such a sweet, supportive and talented guy, I really miss him.

appearance: April 22, 2008

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