Steep Leans

Breeze liner notes (from Bandcamp): Jeff released a great record last year, but despite being in Boston at the time we couldn’t get a live performance working as he didn’t have a fully operational band playing the songs most of the time. When he left us for New York City in February, it seemed like any of my efforts would be in futility.

     Thing about a pandemic when no one can be on campus with our radio engineers, is that distance suddenly doesn’t matter and ex-pats are as close as anyone else when the only communications are emails and video calls. Of course, it still wasn’t easy as Jeff was floating around from Greenport to Phoenicia and pinning him down to record was a challenge.
     Finally back in his new home in Queens, a set was promised, and one night when I didn’t fall asleep early, I found an alert on my tablet that Steep Leans had started an Instagram Live feed. There on a rooftop in Queens, Jeff and Cory were playing acoustic guitars into the night, with occasional commentary from neighbors. With a little editing that session was distilled into what you are listening to right now.

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