Sean Trischka

Breeze liner notes (from Bandcamp): When Sean departed for Brooklyn last fall, the local music scene took a hit. He was the rare Club Passim regular known for drumming instead of strumming and his unique touch showed up on records by many of the latest crop of folk-leaning songwriters. His versatility and the total abandon with which he approaches his kit makes him an ideal foil for both Stash Wyslouch and Lula Wiles. When Sean is involved things start a few rungs up the ladder already.

     Corporate Punk isn’t really much of either (corporate or punk), but it is Sean’s main project as a frontman. The songs are quirky pop tongue-twisters that are exceedingly clever and somehow work whether he plays the songs solo, with his rock band or with his string band (who he had initially been scheduled to be on tour with this week and is why he is doing a live set on Club Passim’s pages on Saturday (8/8)).
     Sean was quick to pluck this Sanford Townsend Band tune when he saw the list of cover options. Doubling a clawhammer banjo an octave below itself maintains the yachty bounce of the original while casting it into a form that should revive it for a generation of Americana listeners who are looking to widen their sonic embrace to take on Zappa and Neutral Milk Hotel and Joan Baez on equal footing.

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