Ryan Major

Jeff was a local legend, somebody whose love of music, warm spirit, and basso profundo touched everybody who knew.
Breeze liner notes (from Bandcamp): First time I remember seeing Ryan, he was a sarcastic spitfire punk slashing his guitar through tunes with the Fagettes. That name didn’t last and as the Barbazons, the band had honed their craft before breaking up. Ryan was ready to branch in new directions entirely and started driving toward a country path as he made his first solo appearance on our airwaves.
     Love Strangers became that band, but with lineups full of new parents he has gone through a slew of personnel mutations. No matter whether he plays solo, or duos, or with a new band every week, he has figured out how to inject that rock and roll spirit into the music he’s making.
     He busted a guitar in the process of trying to do a Barbazons cover so that got scrapped from the playlist, but Ryan did take on the opening cut from Greg Cartwright’s post-Oblivians band Reigning Sound’s debut album.

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