Pet Fox

When we were invited in to do our session, our drummer Jesse had already sung his praises about Jeff and Pipeline! since he’d performed on WMBR with another band. So we were excited right off the bat. While setting up for the session, it was a real pleasure talking with Jeff about simply anything. Whether it was about shows we had been to recently, new albums we were getting into, or maybe news about Jeff’s band, he made all of us feel extremely comfortable and welcome at WMBR.

Even outside of performing at Pipeline!, Jeff was always well aware of any new local releases and would be sure to share any new material each week. I think some people don’t understand how attentive you need to be in order to stay on top of all of the local bands, but Jeff seemed to manage this with ease. That sort of dedication is so important to us. There are so many bands struggling to be heard in Boston alone, but Jeff would make sure to give anyone and everyone a chance to be heard on WMBR.
We have certainly lost an incredible person and radio host, but I hope his memory will live on through the countless sessions and shows that Jeff put on for the Greater Boston community.

appearances: Aug. 7, 2018 and July 16, 2019

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