Paul Sentz

A super music lover and a gentle giant of a guy! I first heard of Jeff back in the early 2000s and I would see his name on Northeast Performer Magazine. I believe he was the editor at the time. I used to discover so much local music thanks to Jeff. He was such a genuine music lover and did so much for the local Boston scene and beyond! The first time I met him was on Pipeline with my old band, This Car Up. He was totally cool and funny. Then some years ago my band Slowdim played twice on Pipeline and Jeff was, again, totally chill. I remember doing the post-show interview with him and he was just so easy to talk to. A very kindred spirit. He put so much time into DJing and sharing so much music to the Northeast. I thank him for that because without him there would have been a hole missing in the music world and I thank him for that! I will miss that guy!

appearances: Jan. 15, 2008 (with This Car Up); Dec. 11, 2012 and July 26, 2016 (with Slowdim)

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