Molly Maltezos

It was always a pleasure going in for the show with Jeff. We bonded over our love for ice cream. What a great host and warm heart. He will always be appreciated for his contribution. What a tough year, but his spirit inspires the heart of music to live on in times when we really need it.

Breeze liner notes (from Bandcamp): Given that the first time Molly showed up at WMBR to play on Pipeline! she was wielding a flute with Bell & the Bees, I would hardly have guessed that she’d be rocking like this a decade later. Though given that the next time she showed up was with Banditas and during this interview she showed off her cello, I’ve really got no limits on my expectations at all.
     This recording is a subset of Headband as much as it is a Mokamazo recording. She’s been playing bass a bunch and Matt welcomes everybody to bring songs in to bash them around and see what sort of shape they can craft them into. Drumming is our old pal Mike Reed who we set up with this gig on his Pipeline! engineering farewell and he has run with it.
     Recorded before quarantine, it was tough to figure out how to apply the cover song formula to this set until I realized there was a cover in the mix. The opening track is actually a song from the film Hocus Pocus that Sarah Jessica Parker sings as she flies around on a broomstick. Maybe that’s how I’ll see Molly singing it next time if we are ever able to have concerts again. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was another great talent of hers, she’s just been waiting for the right time to spring it on us.

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