Lost & Found, “A ’60s Local Music Tribute to Jeff Breeze,” with Bob Dubrow, Noon-2 p.m. Dec. 8, 2020, WMBR/88.1 FM

Since 2003, Jeff Breeze was the host of “Pipeline!,” our 31-year old local music show. I passed the baton to him after producing it myself for nine years. Jeff suddenly left us four weeks ago, cause of death unknown, following the deaths of two other WMBR deejays five days previously. Sadly, Jeff passed at the premature age of 47. Had he been born and old enough to host Pipeline! in the ’60s, these songs (mostly by obscure local garage bands from all over Massachusetts) might well have been on his playlist. We will also do one set full of bands from Missouri, since Jeff went to college at Mizzou (the University of Missouri).

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