Kevin Grant

Although there are probably many local music fans who didn’t know about Jeff, there were certainly very few Boston rock musicians who fell into that category. Getting played — or, better yet — getting to play live on Pipeline! was something I always considered a personal milestone, not just because it was a live terrestrial radio broadcast but because it was Jeff’s show. He put thought and care into his playlists and his featured guests. He was the kind of person that musicians and artists of any kind desperately (and often thanklessly) rely upon. A passionate curator. He carved out a platform where underground bands were treated with respect. One of the first cancellations my current group had due to Covid was a scheduled appearance on Pipeline!, and Jeff and I exchanged emails up until his passing trying to figure out when we could reschedule. Jeff cannot ever be replaced and the loss to our community is hard to quantify. I will always be grateful for who he was, what he did and what he represented.

appearance: Oct. 31, 2006 (with The Hidden)

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