Ken Field

As the long-time host of WMBR’s weekly Pipeline! show of live local Boston-area music, Jeff was well-known as a super-supportive radio host. He made room for so many bands to showcase their music to his radio audience, and was well-loved for that. I knew him in that context – my band Revolutionary Snake Ensemble performed on Pipeline almost exactly 17 years ago on 12/30/03, as we were releasing our first CD, on the night before our then-annual performance for Boston’s First Night. We actually needed a place to rehearse for that gig, and we were grateful to Jeff for making room for us to do that as part of our Pipeline appearance. But I also knew him in his earlier role as editor of Northeast Performer Magazine, a local music publication of some note, and later as a member of the Boston Typewriter Orchestra. And as a fellow host at WMBR, I would see him at the station on a semi-regular basis. Jeff was involved in so many aspects of the local music scene. His presence was significant, as is his absence.

Listen to Ken’s two-hour tribute to Jeff on the Dec. 9, 2020 broadcast of “The New Edge.”

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