Jesse Sterling Harrison

I met Jeff when I went to Columbia, MO to work on David Wilson’s short feature film in 1996. Jeff was always around the thriving band scene in Columbia, and I jumped in myself, playing with a bunch of guys and joining the band Product 19. Lincoln from Product 19 was good friends with Jeff. I honestly have no idea whether Jeff was going to Mizzou, or working, or if so what his job was…he was always exploring, deconstructing and sharing music. And he was a consistently cheerful, helpful, welcoming guy who always wanted to help the locals get their
music out there.
Jeff was into a lot of other stuff too…kind of an autodidact of
sorts who was knowledgeable about many different subjects. Jeff, Lincoln and I all ended up in Massachusetts (where Jeff and I had both lived previously) and those guys ended up taking me to my first Red Sox game at Fenway…a night game against the Kansas City Royals, if I recall. Coming out of the tunnel into the magical atmosphere of Fenway with those guys is an all-time great memory. They introduced me to the game and I’ve been a fan ever since.
Jeff also worked as a DJ in Boston and always wanted me to send my new tracks. He toured around New England doing his Most Bitter solo act, and I saw him play at the Brass Cat in Easthampton. It sucks that he’s gone…he should have lived to be 110 as far as I’m concerned. Fucking 2020.

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