Jeff was a terrific guy, we will all miss him. I consider myself fortunate to hang out with him as much as I did, at shows, on his radio program and the pub after, good times.

appearances: Feb. 21, 2006; Sept. 1, 2015; Dec. 18, 2018; and July 7, 2020

Breeze liner notes (from Bandcamp): I have no idea when I first heard Headband. It was probably at PA’s Lounge in Somerville. With an ever-rotating cast of players, they were always perfectly ramshackle in approach, and their garage rock fit in well as an opener with any band that incorporated even a moderate sense of fun into the equation. Whoever plays in the band usually brings a few of their own songs to the table, but after Headband has their way with them, everything becomes a Headband song.
     They were the first band that former Pipeline! engineer Mike Reed worked with at WMBR, and so when he was leaving, I scheduled them for his final show. I also worked with the band to trick him into the live room during their set, and got him behind the drum kit for a song. My idea was apparently such a good one that he’s stuck with them since and is on drums for the entirety of this session.
     This session sprawls and shows off the fun that makes Headband special. It always amazes me that it translates so well when they aren’t playing live in front of people. The cover song from this set is “Can’t Afford to Rock,” a tune that really is their own more than Breakfast For Idiots’. With Headband, processing any sound through their filters of fun leaves the results with a very distinct imprint.

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