Eleanor Elektra

Breeze liner notes (from Bandcamp): Usually when I tell people for the first time that I host radio show about local music, they wonder how I can find enough music every week. Truth is I have an overabundance of music to draw from every week, and we average over 800 different artists aired yearly. Still, so much good music gets left behind, because we only have so much time.

When something different and wonderful strikes my ears, it usually makes a quick impact, and Eleanor certainly qualifies as that. Simply put, she is a singer-songwriter, but nothing about her songs from structure to content is simple at all. Her songs follow the lyrics where they need to go and don’t implore any explicit structural demands on the tune; she creates her own world for these songs and they live by the rules of that universe.
┬áThis set is as much a teaser for her Friday performance (ticket link below) where she’ll be performing on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram simultaneously, as it is a full Pipeline! @ Home set, because we want to get the whole band on the radio whenever we get a chance to get back. For now relish in this teaser from her new climate change concept album Exquisite Corpse.

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