Eksi Ekso

Jeff always struck me as that all-knowing older brother type who you would consistently try to tap because he had that general aura of knowing about elements of everything in pop culture and subculture – books, movies, music, etc. Beyond that he struck me as a truly funny and outwardly generous human, who sincerely believed in helping artists, musicians and bands from so many genres and scenes across New England. There was absolutely no ego or agenda wrapped in this; he simply believed in helping local artists and did his best to promote everyone he could within the platform and medium he had. As a band, we loved playing Pipeline, not just because it felt like playing in a basement living room but we also got to shoot the proverbial shit with Jeff afterwards…. and he had that great low baritone radio voice! While we were playing serious music at the time, we all took turns at trying as best we could to make Jeff laugh after our live set. He was certainly whip smart, quick witted and up for it. As a resident of Cambridge of many years, I’d also run into Jeff often at shows or on the street, and it was always a delight to see him and catch up over the years. Jeff was one of a kind and a true mensch. He will be deeply missed but will live on among so many of us over the years that he befriended while selflessly fostering the greater music and art scene. — Tom

appearances: July 1, 2008 and April 23, 2013

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