Dylan Metrano

It seems like Jeff was there from the beginning. And maybe he was. He was one of the first to play Tiger Saw on the radio, for sure. But unlike most DJs, our interactions with him didn’t end when we left the radio station. He was at our shows. He was at the shows we went to. He was at the parties our friends threw, in our town, 40 miles away from Boston. He was out in western Massachusetts, at an old farm where we were recording an album. He popped up in the Google chats pretty often, looking for a band to fill in on a Pipeline! show, or maybe just to tell us about a good ice cream place.
Jeff was the best. A tireless supporter of the scene, but mostly he was just a goofy friend with great taste in music.

appearances: June 21, 2005 (with Hamlet Idiot); Oct. 26, 2005 and June 19, 2007 (with Tiger Saw)

Here’s a Pipeline show my first band, Hamlet Idiot, played in 2005, during a short reunion, six years after we disbanded:

Tiger Saw played Pipeline! a bunch of times. In fact, a recording from Pipeline! was used as a demo of sorts that led to us signing with Kimchee Records for our first album.

I wrote a song, “The Last Time You See A Friend” for Jeff after his passing. It’s for a couple others we’ve recently lost, too, but the specifics in the song are about my relationship with Jeff.

It’s a sad song, but I think Jeff would’ve dug it.

“Goodbye, Jeff / we’ve got to hold on”…

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