Dana Colley

I have been listening to the tributes and have been deeply moved for the love Jeff inspired in so many.
Music is the one thing we cling to in these times, especially when the person who is lost had such a life in music.
With that, I can attest to the power of that message, as it has so many times transmitted through my basement radio, covered in dust slow to warm up but somehow always tuned to WMBR. I am transported on a Tuesday night to a basement in the Walker Memorial Building of MIT to a tiny room where a local band I have never heard of before gets ready to rock live on the air. This to me has always felt like freedom. The Joy of feeling the raw energy of a live broadcast where anything can happen. Anything can go wrong. Every thing can go right. The promise of youth dancing on the airwaves. The gentle giant working from the other side of the glass. Time to go. Thank you, Jeff, for being the man behind the glass making me feel free.
We have had the honor of playing Pipeline I think a number of times. Each time is something I really looked forward to. I got to share a bill with Jeff at Aeronaut Brewery, but we did not get to hang although he was in my impression a very kind and compassionate human being.

appearance: Jan. 22, 2008 (with A.K.A.C.O.D.)

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