Crystal Canyon

Breeze liner notes (from Bandcamp): While the drive to Portland really isn’t very far, I mean it can be done in under two hours if there aren’t any traffic snarls, the first thing I usually do is find a place to get out of the car and find out what is going on. That meant my first stop for a long time was at Buckdancer’s Choice, the music shop on the west end of the peninsula. Jonathan Balzano-Brookes worked there and it was usually the only place anyone could ever wrangle him, and if he wasn’t around Todd Hutchisen was (occasionally they both were around even).
I had met Todd while he was in the brilliant Seekonk and followed his progress through an array of other projects as well, but lately his focus had been on the other side of the mixing board, recording so many Maine bands at Acadia Studios. When word came out that Todd was playing in a new shoegaze band, my ears perked up.
That was a couple of years ago, and these guys visited MIT back in the summer of 2018 to blow out some eardrums. When the pandemic hit, I knew Todd would have his finger on the pulse of what had been going on, since folks were always in the studio with him. When we realized that Crystal Canyon had new stuff in the can and was itching to play, all we needed to figure out was how to get the band into the studio safely practicing social distancing while still rocking out properly, and they made quick work of it all.

appearances: June 19, 2018 and Aug. 11, 2020

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