Pipeline! “In Memoriam,” with Mook, 8-10 p.m. Dec. 8, 2020, WMBR/88.1 FM

Mook put together an incredibly moving two-hour tribute to Jeff, packed with thoughts from many of Jeff’s friends and past Pipeline! performances from (in order) Hallelujah the Hills, Rachel Sumner, Ponies in the Surf, Black Helicopter, Dietrich Strause, Debo Band, Marissa Nadler, Dan Blakeslee, Pet Fox, Crunchcoat and Lula Wiles.
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Dan Webb

“Jeff Breeze, friend to the entire New England music community, passed away unexpectedly on Monday. He was the host of WMBR’s Pipeline! radio show. He was gracious enough to have us on that program more times than I can count. He had a big impact on me personally, and I was shocked at his passing. I was supposed to put James to bed the night he died, but Hilary knew I was bummed out and she took care of it. I used that time to whisper this song together for Jeff.” — excerpted from the song’s Bandcamp page

Dylan Metrano

I wrote a song, “The Last Time You See A Friend” for Jeff after his passing. It’s for a couple others we’ve recently lost, too, but the specifics in the song are about my relationship with Jeff.

It’s a sad song, but I think Jeff would’ve dug it.

“Goodbye, Jeff / we’ve got to hold on”…

Pipeline!, with Kyle and Ramsey, 8-10 p.m., Feb. 16, 2021, WMBR/88.1 FM

Former Pipeline! engineers Kyle Bittinger and Ramsey Tantawi look back on spending more than seven years working on the show with Jeff. This two-hour episode includes songs by Chris Brokaw, Cyclub, The Ponys (Phantom Buffalo), Sunburned Hand Of The Man, Death Vessel, Seekonk, Tiger Saw, Feathers, Fern Knight, The Stairs, Pants Yell!, All Combinations, Audrey Ryan, Reports, 27, Read Yellow, Freezepop, Ponies In The Surf and Mobius Band.

Pipeline! with Paige the Mage, 8-10 p.m. Dec. 1, 2020, WMBR/88.1 FM

Paige the Mage, currently the host of FM Road and formerly a Pipeline! engineer, paid tribute to Jeff with a two-hour set featuring classic Pipeline! performances from Lula Wiles, Circus Trees, The Wolff Sisters, Rachel Sumner, Kat & Brad, Sweet Petunia and Soft Pyramids.


Pipeline! with Mike Reed, 8-10 p.m. Nov. 24, 2020, WMBR/88.1 FM

Mike Reed, an engineer who worked with Breeze to broadcast live performances, played Pipeline! performances from (in order): Jeff Beam’s Loudspeaker Wallpaper, Marissa Nadler, Hex Map, Speedy Ortiz, Many Mansions, Reports, Pile, Fat Creeps, Winterpills, The Eternals, The Fedavees, The Soft Drugs, Spouse, Phantom Buffalo, Aykroyd, Black Helicopter, Wallcreeper, Nina Violet, Mike Gent & The Rapid Shave, Hands and Knees, Soft Pyramids, Pet Fox, Headband, Life Partners and Boston Typewriter Orchestra. Check it out here.