Jon Pollack

Jeff Breeze was a tireless supporter and champion of “local” music, although local in this context has a rather broader context than one might have otherwise thought. Jeff had musical interests that were both deep and broad. He was an important part of the local music scene and a long-time presence at WMBR, where he is deeply missed.

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Ken Field

As the long-time host of WMBR’s weekly Pipeline! show of live local Boston-area music, Jeff was well-known as a super-supportive radio host. He made room for so many bands to showcase their music to his radio audience, and was well-loved for that. I knew him in that context – my band Revolutionary Snake Ensemble performed on Pipeline almost exactly 17 years ago on 12/30/03, as we were releasing our first CD, on the night before our then-annual performance for Boston’s First Night. Continue reading “Ken Field”

Lincoln Dickison

I met Jeff Breeze in either 1995 or 1996. I had grown up with my parents’ and grandparents’ record collections.  Lots of classic country, bad 80s country, and 1950s-1970s pop and rock (thanks to my dad). My own collection began when I heard The Kinks’ “Do it Again” in 1984.  I bought the single at Wal-Mart (still have it) and wore it out. I ended up a metal kid, who then morphed into a punk rock and hardcore kid, who then got into out/noise and other brutalities.  I mention this solely because it makes our first meeting seem perhaps a bit like a harbinger of things to come.

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Michelle Lamb

There’s so much that I want to say about Jeff, but as cliche as it sounds…it really is difficult to put into words. Jeff was our downstairs neighbor, but what I hope he knew was that we considered him a good friend as well. We looked out for one another, and that’s something that I grew up appreciating. Continue reading “Michelle Lamb”

Mike Sapp

For years I basically took it for granted that Columbia had a good music scene, like that just happened on its own. It wasn’t until I met people who were booking shows and actively promoting bands that I began to understand the amount of effort involved. And love—because, as I learned from shooting photos of some of these stars, the pay’s in kind.

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Paige Boehmcke

I engineered Pipeline! on WMBR for the past couple years, starting with zero music production knowledge, although I first met Jeff when I looked at his spare bedroom to see if I wanted to live there. It was the 4th of July and I gave Jeff a big pan of jalapeno cheddar cornbread, which I make every year on the 4th of July.
Our Tuesday night crew was very close – we often ordered pizza and sometimes brought the bands to hang out at the Muddy. He often mentioned producing a Sheryl Crow show at Missouri and Becca joked that we were the Tuesday Night Rock Club.

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Tom Nash

Little Wooden Men didn’t send a lot of copies of Made from Dirt out for reviews. When you send people dirt-covered CDs in the mail you are challenging the recipient to get on your level. Jeff Breeze sent an email back, enthused!, and wrote a feature in Northeast Performer about people making noise in a Vermont basement. Continue reading “Tom Nash”