Whistle Jacket

“Keep on hanging in there, and when you got tunes, my ears are always up for a listen.”  This is the opening sentence of an email Jeff Breeze sent me on November 2, 2020, six days before his passing. This was Jeff to me. He cared about people and he cared about music. The former was something you could just feel and the latter was something that is, of course, written in stone in the archives of Pipeline!, the articles he wrote in The Performer, and in Jeff’s own musical output. Continue reading “Whistle Jacket”


Breeze liner notes (from Bandcamp): I was friends with Philip and Flora separately before they became linked in each other’s orbit. I remember spending an all-night session at Bruce Tull’s, where Philip was amongst a crew of us that didn’t stop drinking until after the sun rose. I had worked with Flora as our day jobs intersected and remember watching her play solo at the old Kendall Cafe, when she didn’t realize I was standing with Josh Ritter as she broke into a version of his “Come and Find Me” that got a tear flowing from his eye. Continue reading “Winterpills”

The Wolff Sisters

Playing on Jeff’s show Pipeline was one of the most fun radio shows The Wolff Sisters have done. Jeff was such a nice guy and we were honored to have been on his show.

appearance: Nov. 26, 2019

Zak Kirwin

My best guess why Jeff played “Marginal Time” so often was that it’s a catchy number and one of the better performed and recorded songs I’ve been a part of. Jeff played the first song that I ever recorded, a creaky Beat Happening knock-off that I wrote under the moniker Ten Years Old on a two-string guitar and recorded in my bedroom on cassette four-track, on Pipeline! in 2003 and it blew my mind. Continue reading “Zak Kirwin”