Shane Donnelly

Although I haven’t lived in Boston in almost 10 years and it had been admittedly a while since I had talked to Jeff, I was still heartbroken to hear of his passing. Jeff was a integral staple of the music community that I was a part of in the late 2000s, and was a regular figure at the Whitehaus, the house venue in JP where I lived. I have many fond memories of Jeff coming by with a stack of vinyl, stoked to share some of his wealth of music knowledge. In fact, he turned me on to some of my favorite artists to this day. I’ll never forget the night he showed up with Pharoah Sanders’ album “Jewels of Thought” — my life changed in a single evening.
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Steep Leans

Breeze liner notes (from Bandcamp): Jeff released a great record last year, but despite being in Boston at the time we couldn’t get a live performance working as he didn’t have a fully operational band playing the songs most of the time. When he left us for New York City in February, it seemed like any of my efforts would be in futility.

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The Stoves

We’re not entirely positive, but we believe Jeff was introduced to The Stoves from a friend of ours, Yuri Roman Lojko, who was hosting the “Riding the Norse Horse” show at WMBR at the time. Continue reading “The Stoves”

Sweet Petunia

Jeff Breeze seemed to appear in our email inbox one day out of the blue, something that doesn’t happen often to a band of our size. He had sent the email to probably a dozen bands, saying he had a last-minute open slot on his radio show, Pipeline!, for a live performance. We jumped on the chance, and even though we weren’t the first band to respond, he graciously made room for us. Continue reading “Sweet Petunia”

Thalia Zedek

I went back and reread some of the emails that me and Jeff exchanged about doing the show. It was a record release party for my third solo LP, and the first one that was referred to as “Thalia Zedek Band.” The album was called “Liars and Prayers” and it came out on Thrill Jockey the day of the show.
I wanted to do a “record release” show, but I hadn’t started looking around far enough in advance, so all the clubs were already booked. We had already been booked to play Pipeline! on the actual release date (a Tuesday), so I asked Jeff if we could make it a party, and invite friends, have cake, etc. Jeff was very supportive of the idea, being the awesome guy that we know and love. We were allowed to invite friends and I brought pizza and beer from Emma’s, the restaurant where I worked and which was down the street in Cambridge.

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I did not know Jeff long or have many interactions with him, but being invited to play on Pipeline! was very special. It made us feel more connected and a part of a Boston music scene. The memory of heading down to the MIT basement for that show is vivid for me. It was a fun time to play the show and be a part of the energy of the station. He was just a chill, cool dude to talk about music with. He played new songs of mine on the show before even sending it to him — he seemed to be able to keep up so well with new music in Boston. His support of local music and how tuned in he was to everything going on in Boston was truly incredible. — Tiffany

appearance: Jan. 14, 2020

Tommy Palmer

I wasn’t terribly close with Jeff on a personal level, but he’d been endlessly supportive of my endeavors over the years, along with other friends & artists, and I’d always considered him one of the driving forces in Boston-area music. Not to mention he had the best radio voice ever. Since my @home pipeline this year, we’d started messaging on a pretty regular basis, dorking out on rare musical finds and lesser-known gems we thought the other might like.
appearances: March 6, 2012; Dec. 8, 2015; and May 19, 2020 (with Babydriver)

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Jeff worked tirelessly to seek out good new local music. A sharp guy but also gentle and kind. It’s no exaggeration to say that his passing leaves a big hole in the music scene. Even if he never invited me back to play again, never spun another track of mine, I would’ve liked another opportunity just to say hi and shoot the shit. — Ben

appearance: Feb. 5, 2019

Wendy Eisenberg

Breeze liner notes (from Bandcamp): It was a sudden moment in Boston when Wendy began to appear everywhere, from basement punk shows to programs of experimental music. The first visit to Pipeline! was with a garage rock ensemble called the Cavemen who had been seemingly taken over by Wendy’s band Birthing Hips. Loud and blustery, the guitar histrionics were amplified and at the front of the rest of the chaos.

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Whistle Jacket

“Keep on hanging in there, and when you got tunes, my ears are always up for a listen.”  This is the opening sentence of an email Jeff Breeze sent me on November 2, 2020, six days before his passing. This was Jeff to me. He cared about people and he cared about music. The former was something you could just feel and the latter was something that is, of course, written in stone in the archives of Pipeline!, the articles he wrote in The Performer, and in Jeff’s own musical output. Continue reading “Whistle Jacket”