Djim Reynolds

There’s probably not too much that I could say that hasn’t already been said about Breezy, but I’ll give it a shot.
Trying to recall where and when I first met Jeff hurts my brain. I distinctly remember hearing about Jeff’s existence from my bandmate and longtime friend, Gregg Porter, who told a hilarious story of Jeff walking smack into a door casing that was clearly too low for his tall frame…not once, but twice…at our friend Sid Lindner’s place. Sometime after that, most likely while I had been trying to create a little recording studio/scene in my modest little hometown of Leominster, MA (birthplace of John Chapman, aka Johnny Appleseed, and one-time “Plastics Capital of the World”), Jeff began writing about some of the very artists I had been recording.

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Dutch Tulips

Jeff was a huge champion of the local music scene in Boston and one of the nicest people we’ve ever worked with. When we played on Pipeline it was right when we had first started being a band and he made us feel right at home. I always loved listening to his show and was always impressed with how dedicated he was to finding and showcasing local music in Boston. — Matt

appearance: Feb. 6, 2018

Dylan Metrano

It seems like Jeff was there from the beginning. And maybe he was. He was one of the first to play Tiger Saw on the radio, for sure. But unlike most DJs, our interactions with him didn’t end when we left the radio station. He was at our shows. He was at the shows we went to. He was at the parties our friends threw, in our town, 40 miles away from Boston. He was out in western Massachusetts, at an old farm where we were recording an album. He popped up in the Google chats pretty often, looking for a band to fill in on a Pipeline! show, or maybe just to tell us about a good ice cream place.
Jeff was the best. A tireless supporter of the scene, but mostly he was just a goofy friend with great taste in music.

appearances: June 21, 2005 (with Hamlet Idiot); Oct. 26, 2005 and June 19, 2007 (with Tiger Saw)

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Eksi Ekso

Jeff always struck me as that all-knowing older brother type who you would consistently try to tap because he had that general aura of knowing about elements of everything in pop culture and subculture – books, movies, music, etc. Beyond that he struck me as a truly funny and outwardly generous human, who sincerely believed in helping artists, musicians and bands from so many genres and scenes across New England. There was absolutely no ego or agenda wrapped in this; he simply believed in helping local artists and did his best to promote everyone he could within the platform and medium he had. Continue reading “Eksi Ekso”

Eleanor Elektra

Breeze liner notes (from Bandcamp): Usually when I tell people for the first time that I host radio show about local music, they wonder how I can find enough music every week. Truth is I have an overabundance of music to draw from every week, and we average over 800 different artists aired yearly. Still, so much good music gets left behind, because we only have so much time.

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Eric Boomhower

Jeff was a great guy and a friend who I miss. He was always generous and supportive. We also shared a love of ice cream and I liked knowing his thoughts on the best ice cream shops around. He gave bands airtime and the opportunity to hone their craft on the radio. I loved our interviews with him and they often turned in some comedy gold. He had the ability to really find the new stuff from bands before others did. And for that Boston owes him a debt of gratitude. Continue reading “Eric Boomhower”

Ezra Walsh

Jeff was an amazing guy. When you spoke to him, you could tell he was genuinely interested in your creative endeavors. He really pushed to get my music out there, always reaching out to offer opportunities to be featured on the show. Jeff was so thoughtful, he always asked about me and my family when we had conversations. He played such a role in exposing me to the New England music scene, and I owe him so much. He was a creative, caring, ice cream loving, and overall amazing human. Jeff- Rest in peace and keep on typewriting.

appearances: June 6, 2017 and Aug. 6, 2019 (with Whale Watch); June 9, 2020 (with Ezra Cares)

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I first met Jeff in 2003 maybe, when he did a write up about my band Death to Tyrants for Performer Magazine. It was definitely the first time anyone ever wrote anything about us and we were super grateful to be seen by someone outside of our normal, and small, circle. We talked throughout the next 17 years here and there; he was very generous with his time and advice. I always felt like he could see the work that folks were putting into their music, and he always used his platform to elevate bands, and helped to create a community by doing so. The last time I saw him, we recorded a live session at the station and had a blast. We talked just recently as he was putting together a compilation of recent quarantine recordings. He will certainly be missed.

appearances: Feb. 27, 2018 and June 30, 2020

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Garrett Soucy

One of the most striking things about Jeff was the caliber of professionality that came so naturally to him. As an artist, it was always a great relief to be interviewed by someone who had not only done their homework but was capable of having and leading a decent conversation. Jeff was all that and more. It was an honor to have worked with him on the occasions we did. The music community is at a loss without him. My prayers sincerely go out to the friends and family dealing with the heartbreak of his passing.

appearance: Oct. 15, 2013