Boom Said Thunder

We didn’t know Jeff well at all, but back when we were first starting out as a band, the three of us in Boom Said Thunder really liked his show. We would listen in regularly, and found out about some of our favorite bands through the program. To us, Jeff was this rock radio legend. When he invited us on to play, we were like “Wow, this is HUGE!” Playing live on Pipeline! with Jeff and my two best friends almost 10 years ago is one of my favorite memories.

It’s clear from reading just some of many submissions and reflections here on Jeff’s tribute site, that he made a massive impact on the local music scene, and supported so many bands just trying to feel like they belonged in it. — John

I recall the entire experience of being on Pipeline! to be very positive. I remember Jeff being an extremely gracious and welcoming presence. He made our young and new band feel loved and respected while at the station, even though we had only played a handful of shows. Jeff’s attitude and kindness set the stage for the whole experience. We ended up having a blast and felt like our little tiny band was starting to be a part of something a little bigger than ourselves; the awesome independent music scene in Boston. It was one of a few early moments in the band where I felt supported and lifted up.
I will also say that while my interaction with Jeff was very brief, his welcoming attitude is definitely a trait I’ve tried to carry into my own life while hosting musicians at shows or on my own radio show. — Will

I fondly remember stalking the Pipeline! track lists, searching for new music and local artists to watch. I hoped to find a few friends along the way but found so much more.
The day my band was invited to play Jeff’s show feels like a dream now, but one I remember so vividly. I remember immediately feeling bewildered and overwhelmed with excitement and nervousness when asked to play. Jeff was so kind and welcoming that within minutes of being in the station studio, any anxiety I had just gave way to excitement and just getting lost in the music. Jeff made us feel important and part of that larger Boston music scene I have come to love.
I’m so saddened to hear about Jeff’s passing. My deepest condolences to his friends and family. It seems unfair to lose someone so important to so many so suddenly. I’m so grateful to have met Jeff and thankful for all the greatness he poured into the world — With love, Abby

appearance: August 21, 2012

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