We were all quite fond of Jeff and Pipeline! long before we had the chance to play. I discovered Pipeline! just after college. I was working for a local teen rec center and driving the evening drop-off van. Tuesdays were the one night of the week the kids would relent and let me play something over the radio that wasn’t Top 40, so I went right to Pipeline! I like to think that it helped us all get closer to the local music scene, and if nothing else, it introduced the kids to the cultural staple of Jeff Breeze.
I discovered so much great music in those years. Beeef was so thrilled to finally play Pipeline! in 2017. Not only was he a gracious host, but he showed an authentic investment in our band, as I believe he did with most other local artists and musicians who passed through the studio. He asked for our record before we left and he kept in touch frequently, hoping to reach out about possible new music before we would even have the chance to send it to him.

appearance: May 9, 2017

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