Air Congo

I’ve moved around a lot in the last couple of years and every time I’ve landed in a new city I’d check out what was happening on the radio –and of course the community radio stations tell you the most about what’s going on.  In Chicago, it was WNUR and WZRD.  In Sydney, it was FBI and Eastside, and everyone knows about WFMU and KEXP.  When I got to Boston/Cambridge in 2015, WMBR was the all-around standout.  When Jeff had me on with Air Congo it was a real honor.  He seemed to know every musician that I’d met, and the way in which Pipeline! channeled the scene here was incredible. Totally unpretentious, too.  You meet guys like this in some cities–totally committed to their town and scene, its history and the health of its current bands.  A great loss, but I’ll choose to hold on to that inspiration he gave me rather than the sadness. — Nathaniel Braddock

appearance: Nov. 21, 2017

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