4: Footings, “Radio”

I have no idea [why Jeff liked it so much], but I’m honored that he was into it. Like many other artists, I’m sure, I often feel like nothing I do is of value to anyone else haha. He was a big Pile fan, and Rick plays drums on the LP that “Radio” is from; not sure if that is enough? He did tell me in an interview I did with him that that song really spoke to him. It’s really about sort of tapping into a destiny like wavelength or frequency, searching for the consciousness, collective or just that single thread that we speak with and to throughout our lives. I’m not a believer as far as religion goes, but I do think that there is a whole lot that we are yet attuned to out there, information that we don’t have, but that exists nonetheless, both inside of us and outside. That could sort of be explained by religion, but there are too many inconsistencies and too much violence and ignorance associated with almost every one of them, that they are sort of disqualified as far as I’m concerned.

I’ve only ever known Jeff in a music capacity. We have emailed over the years, and seen each other in person a few times, probably since 2003 when he did a write up about Death to Tyrants, my first band that actually connected to the world beyond my immediate vicinity. I trust he is now part of all of that unknown information and data that is shimmering on the edge of our consciousness, much like what I was referring to in “Radio.” — Eric

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