It’s so sad and strange that he’s gone.  It still doesn’t seem real.
Maybe you already know, but in case you don’t: the last song of our set is called “Jeff Breeze,” where we rewrote the lyrics of “Jolene” to be all about Jeff.
When we did that summer show for him, we were in touch quite a bit. He shared with us all the updates on his pending appearance on the Kelly Clarkson show, and we were super excited for him. We’re so happy he had that experience, it was awesome to see him on a huge show like that. We also were in touch around the time of his record release with the Boston Typewriter Orchestra.  He was so excited to get that out, and we were so happy for him.

Our last interaction with him was shortly after Halloween, and he suggested we check out his Halloween show. We listened to it, and let him know we loved his spooky voice. He said he had a lot of practice “scaring the bejeesus” out of his little brothers when they were kids. Jeff knew how to have fun.

appearances: Nov. 5, 2013 and July 28, 2020

Breeze liner notes (from Bandcamp): Ayal was there at the moments I was most despairing about Pipeline! and helped to keep me from jumping ship at a moment when it felt like every time I turned my head there was a fist there to pop me square in the nose. So needless to say if 27 really had disobeyed my only specific dictum about cover songs, I wouldn’t have been upset much at all.
When I have solicited bands to play sets, I have a list of potential songs for them to cover as well, and I’ve been very lenient, especially when folks want to do a different song by an artist, even better when it’s from the same album. But what I asked is for bands not to pick the one song that everyone seems to cover and needs a rest in lieu of other great songs. The song I used as the example? Dolly Parton “Jolene.”
     While 27 has never needed to beg me to please play “their friggin’ band,” it’s always a fun challenge to figure out how to fill this radio show with new music every week. When bands that are old friends release music, that’s usually an easy thing to find a place (assuming they are FCC compliant), but in this pandemic era, I am filling each set with 20-25 songs beyond the live set. Some bands write me and plead, but I usually beat most PR moves to the punch. I trust my ears to steer me to the best songs, and I love to share them with everyone each week, it’s weird to feel this disconnected even when I never see my audience on radio, but to everyone listening and reading, thank you friends.

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